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Mentorship Program

Fostering the Retention and Retainment of Environmental Students of Color.


As a part of SCEC’s #EnvironmentalismSoWhite campaign, having a retention and retainment program was one of our 3 long term demands to the CNR admin:

WE DEMAND institutionally supported recruitment and retention efforts for students of color in CNR. WE DEMAND CNR’s investment in a student of color mentorship and advising program that works specifically on retaining students of color within CNR, beginning with the hiring of a program coordinator by 2020.

As SCEC understood the urgency and inability to depend on CNR to fulfill this need for students of color within a timely manner, the individuals of SCEC (mainly Kristy Drutman and Jed Lee) spearheaded the efforts to create a mentorship program themselves. The ultimate goal is for this program to be integrated into CNR at an institutional level so that students of color are not burdened with the labor of ensuring their own retainment and retention in CNR.

Mentorship Program: About Us
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