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What is #EnvironmentalismSoWhite?

#EnvironmentalismSoWhite is a movement for racial justice in environmental spaces. It is an attack on the white supremacy that the environmental movement is built on as well as a reclamation of environmentalism for PoC. It empowers us to redefine what an environmentalist looks like.​

The #EnvironmentalismSoWhite Photo Story Project uplifts the voices of people of color in the environmental movement. This website showcases the stories and captures the faces of students of color navigating environmentalism and claiming it for themselves.

Who Are We?

The Students of Color Environmental Collective centers marginalized voices in environmental and social justice movements to dismantle systems of oppression and environmental racism. We are a student organization at UC Berkeley.​

We serve as a gateway for students of color to engage in environmental work as well as a healing space for SoC who feel marginalized in environmental spaces.


A major component of the Campaign released letters that outline our group's principles and goals.

Open Letter to Environmental Community

Letter to CNR Admin

Check out the official website for the #EnvironmentalismSoWhite campaign here!

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